Retro Junk | Hey I remember that

Ready for a flash back? Need a fix for the Crying Indian commercial? How about a bit of Knowing Is Half The Battle? Do you remember Bill sitting on the steps of the US Capital? Do you just want to say Nano-Nano and pop in your egg? Or do you have a few spare cats for a hungry visitor from out of town? It seems that if it is retro, and is something most other people would think is best left forgotten, then you will probably find it on the Retro Junk web site.

Word Play with Wordle

One of the best things about the internet is stumbling upon interesting and fun web sites. Recently, I found just such a site called Wordle. They analyze some text and create a word cloud based on frequency of words. They also give you the ability to manipulate the color and fonts of the text. In short, you can have fun with presenting the written word. Here are two samples. The first is a speech by Barak Obama, and the second is the characters of from the Lord of the Rings.

Google Cheat Sheet (Version 1.06)

Tired of spending those extra seconds remembering how to do use the Google Calculator to figure out how many AU is 5 miles? It is 5.37889544 × 10-8 Astronomical Units. Have you already forgotten the URL for the Google Scholar search site? Well it is time to ease your burden. The fine folks at have chosen to spend some of their time to create the Google Cheat Sheet. This PDF is two pages and lists all of the Google services and tools.