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My name is David Buksbaum and I am professional software something or another. I have spent over 25 years designing, developing and/or managing software systems. Most of that time was spent building trading platforms for investment banks, but I have done my share of dotcoms, software houses, marketing companies, integration companies, and consulting.

While my current language of choice is C#, but I have the scars to prove I used C, C++, Java, and SQL. The other scars are from languages I refuse to admit using (Visual Basic, REXX, Forth, COBOL, Fortran, SML, AWL, and many others) so that no one will ask me to do them again.

Over the years I have frequently acquired the task of migrating legacy systems and cross language / cross platform integration. So that does tend to be an area of expertise. These problems tend to require significant amount of reverse engineering and low-level analysis, and I started programming because of just such a problem over 30 years ago.

I was playing a game on a used Vic-20 my father had bought me, Scott Adams Adventureland specifically, and I got stuck in the bear room. I could not figure out the answer, so I disassembled the game. It was a lot easier in those days when you could just PEEK into the memory on the cartridge and see the machine code. That’s what I did, and taught myself machine code, and then assembly code along the way.

The rest was history.

These days I a work as a software architect in an IT Architecture Office. This means I am empowered to say no a lot, but only to things on a white board. It is a different challenge, but it is still as fun as those early days trying to give the bear honey in a text based game.

Of course, there is a lot more to any person, and for me, the reason I go to work (as opposed to staying at home writing code all the time) and get paid to have fun, is so I can support the family. Below is a picture of the family. I am the one with the fake name tag on, the others are my wife Hope, and my kids Jared, Scott, and Rachel. The big duck in the middle is just some freeloader that trying to crash our breakfast party. Who knew ducks ate so much!

Family Picture

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