Core Development Tools and Utilities for Windows

I have recently needed to rebuild my Continuous Integration server, and once more found out that I never documented my configuration the last time I set it up. The same has happened every 18 months or so, when I rebuild my development machine. Having wasted hours re-discovering the list of tools I need to have installed, and the options I always consider and discard, I have decided to be inspired by Scott Hanselsman’s Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List For Windows and make my own list.

Word Play with Wordle

One of the best things about the internet is stumbling upon interesting and fun web sites. Recently, I found just such a site called Wordle. They analyze some text and create a word cloud based on frequency of words. They also give you the ability to manipulate the color and fonts of the text. In short, you can have fun with presenting the written word. Here are two samples. The first is a speech by Barak Obama, and the second is the characters of from the Lord of the Rings.