An Open Letter to President Obama – Good Luck and Get To Work

President Obama, ]History has been made. Another first for the United States. An end to an era. The ushering in of a new chapter. All of these things have been said about today. Truth be told, they are all right. It doesn’t matter which candidate you voted for, you cannot help but be proud that you are now our president. Of course, you should also thank George W. Bush who finally delivered on his promise of Shock & Awe.

The state of our union must be strong!

Despite mine or any one else’s opinion as to what Bush has done or not done, our union must be strong in order to finally have the first female speaker of the house. Congratulations to Speaker Pelosi in being the point person for a milestone in American history.

Government Considers Amnesty in Insurrection

Years of insurrection have finally led to the government considering amnesty. Some decry it as giving criminals & murders a free ride, others claim it is forgiveness. Some claim it is criminals getting a free ride. They ask how can we possibly forgive those people that killed Americans. The cries of betrayal and backstabbing ring loud in the halls of congress. You may think I am talking about Iraq in 2006, but I am not.


The recent weeks in NYC have been an embarrassment thanks to our governor. His wavering on the Freedom Tower plan for the WTC has led to numerous stories on the Freedom Tower being canceled or going back to the design phase. His lack of leadership before, during, and since 9⁄11 is always most visible when he actually tries to takes action. Let us hope and work towards ensuring that this governor has seen his last term.