Goodbye Zune & Blackberry, Hello iPhone 3gs

I held out as long as I could. I promise. I fought it to the very end, but in the end, I caved – I bought an iPhone 3gs 32 GB. How could I, a rabid non-Mac-er do this? Well, it started when my Zune 120 GB started corrupting my audio books. {: .float_right } Those that have glanced on my Zune already know that my Zune was 90% full of podcasts and audio books.

Git on Windows

A few weeks ago I read the blog post Git and command-line fear by James Gregory. He argues against the common Git on Windows complaint of poor Windows support. While I appreciate James’ position that this is not entirely true, and that most people do associate Windows support with GUI based tools or Visual Studio integration, I do disagree with his assertion that command line tooling is a valid use case.