Caliburn.Micro EventAggregator Extension Methods

When working with the EventAggregator, I occasionally stumble upon situations in which I want to subscribe to multiple instances exposing the IHandle interface. It is not often, but happens enough that I got tired of the same code multiple times, and created a couple of extension methods to deal with this for me. I have posted the code up on GitHub as a Gist in case you find it useful as well.

The Last Console Driver I Will Ever Write

Nearly every application I write has a project called ConsoleDriver in it. This project is almost always the same as it is just a main routine that create the class that starts my program, wraps it in an exception block, usually configures logging, and waits until I hit enter or CTRL-C to signal the application to exit. Well, after the writing this thousands of times, or copy and pasting it probably even more times, I have had enough.

Type Tracking Unity Extension Source Code Has a Home

Edit: Updated link at GitHub. {: .center_image } I have finally found an online code sharing site to post my open source code to – Hazware Unity Extensions on GitHub. I posted all of the source code for my Type Tracking Unity Extension there, and decided to follow the Ninject model for licensing – I dual licensed it as MS-PL and Apache, so go enjoy and help me make it better.