Windows 7 Journey – The Journey Begins

I have been running Windows 7 beta than RC for many months now. Despite all the warnings against using it as my main machine, I have done so, and have had little to any issues. The few things, such as the Bluetooth driver for my laptop, I have chalked it up to the standard driver delays for 64 bit drivers. The RC has been reasonably rock solid. Yes, I still crashed once in a while, but much less than under Vista.

Happy Friday the 13th

{:.float_right} Once more the feared day has come. People throughout the world cower in fear to a day that has its origins rooted in the distant past of humanity. In ages gone by we spun tales of woe and dread as we huddled about the fire. Shivering in fear we would listen to the story tellers warn of evil deeds and angry gods. Eager to hear some sliver of hope we would be held for just one more verse.

Moving Day

So after a couple of years of trying different hosting sites, and the delays of real life, I have finally decided to move my blogging from I have moved over some of my blog posts from the other site, and will start adding new posts to this site from now on.