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I am going to diverge from my normal blog post topic of programming to talk about another passion of mine – fiction. I enjoy writing it, and more importantly – greatly enjoy reading it. One of the authors I have started to read recently is John Scalzi. His Redshirts book was the first of his I read (ok – I listened to it using Audible, but I am still calling it reading), and I was hooked. So I started following his blog, and he recently posted about a Kickstarter project for the Uncanny Magazine.

I can’t predict the future of this magazine or this model of funding it, but I love the idea of what they are trying to do and how they are funding it. This funding model will help release more literature into the world, both good and bad, but more literature is generally a good thing in my opinion. Combine that with the pedigree of the authors behind this project, and I think this has all the potential for success – and more importantly – quality material. Given all of that, I chose to support them (with real money too) and I am encouraging anyone that enjoys quality material to do the same.

If you want to read more about the authors, go to the Uncanny Magazine website, the Uncanny Magazine Kickstarter site, or John’s blog post about the magazine.

If you need a few more or just different reasons to do it, here are some:

  • Just do it!
  • You will support literature
  • I told you so
  • I will call your mother and tell her you hate reading
  • They have a unicorn as a logo – C'MON! It's a frickin' unicorn!!!
  • You will sleep better since you will have done a good deed to offset that bad deed you did in grade school – you know the one I am talking about
  • A years subscription is less than a week of Starbucks – a week of burnt caffeine or a mind send wondering
  • If you do this, the space aliens that are about invade will spare you and your dog or cat
  • One more – it's a unicorn!!! Really? You need more than that?
  • Ok. Since you need more – you are supporting the arts. That means you are a Patron of the Arts, and that means you are just like the Patrons that supported da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Shakespeare. I am not saying that this magazine will have the equivalent, but you never know
  • So stop reading my blog – and go support them. Click the unicorn.

    Public Service Announcement: No unicorns were hurt during the authoring of this blog post, and the author is no way obsessed with unicorns – only quality fiction.

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