Caliburn.Micro.Logging updated to version 1.5

Sometimes time flies way too fast. It has been seven months since I last updated my Caliburn.Micro logging frameworks and nearly a month since Caliburn.Micro has been upgraded. Well, I have finally caught up and upgraded the logging libraries.

Caliburn.Micro.Logging, Caliburn.Micro.Logging.NLog, and Caliburn.Micro.Logging.log4net are now version 1.5 and available on NuGet.

Version Changes

  • Upgraded Caliburn.Micro to 1.4
  • Upgraded solution / project files to VS2012
  • Added support for Windows Phone 8
  • Split Caliburn.Micro.Logging, Caliburn.Micro.Logging.NLog, & Caliburn.Micro.Logging.log4net into their own solutions
  • Changed NuGet packaging to be a project in the solutions
  • Minor changes to the physical directory structure

Please see the following posts for usage:

As always, comments and suggestions are always welcome. Source code is available on my github site.


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