Core Development Tools and Utilities for Windows

I have recently needed to rebuild my Continuous Integration server, and once more found out that I never documented my configuration the last time I set it up. The same has happened every 18 months or so, when I rebuild my development machine. Having wasted hours re-discovering the list of tools I need to have installed, and the options I always consider and discard, I have decided to be inspired by Scott Hanselsman’s Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List For Windows and make my own list. I started making my list in HTML, and realized that this really belongs on my blog. Then it will exist beyond the life of my machine, and I can always get to it. Enough fluff, time for the list.

.NET Development Tools

Java Development Tools

  • Java Downloads – the JRE’s. needed mostly for Jenkins
  • IntelliJ IDEA - I don’t often have to work in Java, but when I do, this is what I use.

Core Tools

Let’s face it. With the best development IDE’s, you still feel the need to crank up an editor sometimes. This list is for my editor, and all the other core tools I have come to depend on.

  • Ultra Edit Studio (UEStudio) – I have been a long time user of UltraEdit and UltraStudio and have never found myself looking for another editor. It works. It does everything I need. It handles massively large files with easy. What else do you need?
  • Ultra Compare – My compare tool of choice. Others have suggested Beyond Compare, but I have never found something I could not do with Ultra Compare.
  • LINQPad – The easiest way to learn LINQ or just test out the latest query
  • GrinGod’s Monaco TTF Font – I am a font snob and need my Monaco font
  • MindMesiter – I use it to plan out my software projects and designs
  • Paint.NET – There is no substitute for this amazing paint tool.
  • Fiddler – I rarely need to sniff the wire these days, but this is my tool of choice when I do
  • 7-Zip – Opens everything and is fast. Is there more needed?
  • Windows Live Writer – it is the tool of choice for the Windows based blogger. Accept no substitute
  • Hedgehogs JumpList Launcher – convert a Windows 7 task bar jump list into a menu of useful tools

Source Code Control

Dependency Management

  • NuGet – manage those pesky .NET dependencies in the coolest way

Build Tools



Static Analysis

  • StyleCop – stop in the name of code style!

Continuous Integration Platforms

Tools That Look Interesting

References I Can’t Function Without

  • StackOverflow – every day I use it. greatest resource for developers
  • MSDN – online docs, examples, downloads, and more Any suggestions for tools I am not using that I should be?


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