Happy Friday the 13th

{:.float_right} Once more the feared day has come. People throughout the world cower in fear to a day that has its origins rooted in the distant past of humanity. In ages gone by we spun tales of woe and dread as we huddled about the fire. Shivering in fear we would listen to the story tellers warn of evil deeds and angry gods. Eager to hear some sliver of hope we would be held for just one more verse. Then the day would pass and we would emerge from our hovels.

Then civilization formed, and humanity progressed. Now we actually pay someone to tell us tales of horror as we sit rapt in uncomfortable movie theater seats to see how many mindless teenagers will be killed by Jason this year.

Hopefully more people shall put superstitions from the distant past in the place in which we store our desire to swing from trees, and enjoy Friday the 13th as just another day. Better yet, enjoy this Friday as the end to another work week and the beginning of the weekend. Besides, Jason has returned once more to Crystal Lake to wait for this years crop of hapless teenagers.


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