An Open Letter to President Obama – Good Luck and Get To Work

President Obama,

]History has been made. Another first for the United States. An end to an era. The ushering in of a new chapter. All of these things have been said about today. Truth be told, they are all right. It doesn’t matter which candidate you voted for, you cannot help but be proud that you are now our president.

Of course, you should also thank George W. Bush who finally delivered on his promise of Shock & Awe. However, I want to look forward instead of back (for now), so we hopefully can get back to the business of not being shocked anymore. Your style seems to be one of more reflection, intelligent discussion, and reasoned planning. Your politics, some of which I do not agree with, appear to be the kind that actually takes into account the American people for which he works. For this, I am quite hopeful.

Time will show what kind of President you will be, but for now – I want to wish you luck. You will truly need it, given the sad state the previous holder of job left it in. I would also wish you a speedy recovery from all of your inaugural balls. There is little time for partying, and we are not paying you to enjoy the role. Instead, I am telling you to get to work. I am also reminding you that we fired the last group that held power because they didn’t do the work they were supposed to. Just a reminder.

In short, Mr. President: I am proud you won. I wish you good luck. Now get to work and fix this mess before I need to find another replacement.

Ps: Please remind all of congress that the same goes for them.


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