The force is with us again!

May 19th at 12:01 am was a long awaited moment. It was the moment that Star Wars: Return of the Sith was to start. I sat in the movie theatre with friends and family, an island of something closer to reality than the many Jedi’s, Wookies, Vaders and even a few Ewoks that surrounded us. At least, I really want to hope that we are closer to reality than they.

We sat in the theatre waiting. At around 12:15, after 15 minutes of Wookie howls and Yoda speak from the crowd. The previews started - and lasted for nearly half an hour.

So now its 12:45. A mostly exhausted crowd stares at a screen filling with the fleet battle that opens the movie. It is then that the real waiting begins. The waiting for the moment. Not just any moment, but THE moment when Anakin Skywalker ceases to exist and Darth Vader is born. This moment is not the simplistic point in time when the name changes. It is the moment when you look upon the boy named Anakin and realize he is Darth Vader. The moment when the voice doesn’t seem right. It is not deep enough. Or menacing enough. This is THE moment.

I will not post any spoilers. So go watch the movie. Look for THE moment.



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