Introducing Hazware.Unity.TypeTracking

A few years ago I wrote Type Tracking Extension for Unity and Extending and Demonstrating the Type Tracking Extension for Unity, and while I have been using Autofac more, I felt this code was due for a slight update. Given the ease of creating a NuGet package for Caliburn.Micro.Autofac (see Introducing Caliburn.Micro.Autofac), I thought that I could give some Nuget love to the Type Tracking Extension for Unity.

What’s Changed

Obviously, if I am working on some changes, I might as well bring the code up to date. The key for me was replacing the static dependencies with NuGet dependencies, cleaning up the namespaces a bit, .NET 4.0 support, and moving back to NUnit from MbUnit. Here is the list right from the History.txt file.

  • Replaced static dependency to Unity with NuGet Package
  • Upgraded Unity 2.0.414 to 2.1.505
  • Created NuGet Package Hazware.Unity.TypeTracking
  • Renamed Directory, Namespace, Assembly name to Hazware.Unity.TypeTracking
  • Renamed Directory, Namespace, Assembly name to Hazware.Unity.TypeTracking.Tests
  • Added Hazware.Unity.TypeTracking-v40 to target .NET 4.0
  • Added Hazware.Unity.TypeTracking.Tests-v40 to target .NET 4.0
  • Changed unit testing from Gallio/MbUnit to NUnit

How to Use Hazware.Unity.TypeTracking

The nuget package id is Hazware.Unity.TypeTracking. So you can install the package from the nuget package manager shell using the following command:

or if you are more GUI minded, use the Add Package Reference dialog.

Getting the Code for Hazware.Unity.TypeTracking

You can find the code for github at


As expected, I found the NuGet package creation quite easy. I was also able to bring the extension up to date, but if you have suggestions of new features, please comment below or add an issue to the issue tracker.