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Switching from WordPress to Jekyll

Ten years ago, May 14 2005 specifically, I started this blog on the WordPress platform. I chose WordPress for a number of reasons, but the primary reasons were that it was simple - really simple - for me to get up an going and that the hosting providers I was considering supported it. I wanted to use the web, but not actually develop for the web. WordPress seemed like the right choice. I did consider other options, and every few years, I would look around at what else was available. I have played with Drupal, Joomla, DasBlog, and others I can’t remember. In the end, I always ended up back on WordPress. Why - simplicity. It did what I wanted.

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Caliburn.Micro.Logging 2.0.3 Released

Just a quick note that with the release of Caliburn.Micro 2.0.0, I have updated the logging libraries to use the latest and pushed to NuGet.

Great Post on NoSQL Data Modeling Techniques

Nope. It’s not mine. Though I wish it was. It is an older post (from the distant past of 2012) on the Highly Scalable Blog entitled NoSQL Data Modeling Techniques.

Re-Introducing Caliburn.Micro.Logging

It has been a long time since I upgraded this library, and the .NET development world has shifted a bit in that time. One of the key changes is the move to Portable Class Libraries, and Caliburn.Micro is one the libraries making that change. I have decided to follow suit and make the core Caliburn.Micro.Logging library portable. This, of course, has creating some significant breaking changes, so please look over the changes list below.

Caliburn.Micro.Logging updated to version 1.5

Sometimes time flies way too fast. It has been seven months since I last updated my Caliburn.Micro logging frameworks and nearly a month since Caliburn.Micro has been upgraded. Well, I have finally caught up and upgraded the logging libraries.

IoC Battle–Revisited


I have been evangelizing the use of IoC for a number of years. Frequently the newly converted ask the following two questions:

Gentle Introduction to MEF–Part Three

At the Tampa C# Meetup on August 3rd, I presented this Gentle Introduction to MEF using the same project modified over three steps. This is Part Three, where I complete the application created in Part One and modified to use MEF in Part Two. This part will show MEF composing the application from multiple assemblies into one application at run time.

Choosing an MVVM Framework

I have recently begun planning a new project, and I needed to do all the standard pre-project decision making on build runners, test frameworks, continuous integration tool, IoC, and since it was going to need a UI, an MVVM framework. These decisions are usually quite quick since I tend to reuse the same things I used for my last project. However, every so often I take the time to evaluate the field of choices.

Gentle Introduction to MEF–Part Two

At the Tampa C# Meetup on August 3rd, I presented this Gentle Introduction to MEF using the same project modified over three steps. This is Part Two, where I show the application created in MEF.